Welcome to Words Inspire Writers Circle

Connect with other creative writing souls, and with your own. Creativity is divine.

Hello. I'm Rowena.

Thanks for popping by to check out my Circle. 

I'm Rowena Roberts, a creativity coach for writing and wellbeing at Words Inspire, based in the UK. I help people who love to write to connect more deeply with their authentic selves through creative, playful and intuitive writing exercises and coaching, so they can write from their heart, discovering what they truly want to communicate to the world.

Some days, words flow fluidly from my pen with delight and I name myself a mystical mistress of authentic creativity; other days, I stumble over writer's block and hesitate to call myself anything, lest my inner critic decide to do the naming (and shaming).

Over many years of writing, I've learned how to invite in more of the former days and cope with the latter days in ways that consistently keep me where I most love to be - palm pressed against paper, scrawling inky symbols that reflect the world and gently excavate more of my inner self to share with others.

How did this come about?

For 18 years, I worked as a copywriter, giving my words freely and easily to other people and organisations, while secretly dreaming of writing books of my own. But, when it came to my personal writing, all too often the same question came to my mind: "What do I REALLY WANT to write?"

So, I started to dig deeper into myself: to learn more about who I was, what I wanted, and how I operated in the world. To understand my own nature - our human nature, what connects us, inspires us. To notice how I, we, perceive the world around us: what our senses tell us; what meaning we assign to the objects and events in our lives; how we flavour our own experience of existence through our thoughts, emotions, habits, beliefs.

As I dug, I started to connect other dots. I discovered the link between intuition and inspiration. I discovered patterns of perception and growth that influence the stories we tell. I discovered the value of play for opening us up and taking us far beyond our fears. 

And I re-discovered our very real need for connection and support in all our endeavours, which gives us the confidence and inspiration that fuels our creativity, helps it to breathe and manifest with greater depth, beauty and authenticity in the world.

All of this led me to create this place: Words Inspire Writers Circle. A virtual space for people who love writing to connect, share, play, learn and grow - and, of course, write.

What you'll find here

Our intimate and humble Circle will grow in step with its membership, discovering and offering resources and support in order for you to progress as a creative writer. 

The Circle is a place of truth, trust and consent, where members can feel free to express themselves without fear of attack, pressure, or concerns about their privacy. 

You'll find a creative, non-political, judgement-free space for us to scribble and share writing prompts, creative exercises, questions, resources, ideas, inspiration, support and, of course, our writing.

We run a monthly, 60-minute, pressure-free "writing sprint" session on Zoom, where any and all members can turn up and quietly write together, either on a personal or professional project that they already have on the go, or in response to a writing prompt created for the occasion. There's optional time reserved at the end for connection and chat with other members, sharing thoughts, questions and, if you like, some of your writing.

We're also open to ideas on growing the scope of the group, perhaps including further sessions/ interviews/ Q&As/ offers from various experts on topics from authorship to publishing, illustration to intuition - whichever way our Circle organically chooses to grow.

Circle members receive a 10% discount on other services offered by Words Inspire, including creative writing courses and one-to-one coaching.

The Circle is currently free to join, although a membership fee may become applicable in 2022. This fee will be discounted for existing members, and fixed for the duration of your membership.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for joining me here. 

Your contributions will help to make this a fertile circle of creativity, where we can all find inspiration, support and confidence to spread our writerly wings and fly further than we've ever been before, to see what we're really capable of creating.